PART I: Organizations Must Intensify Efforts to Secure Assets


Infinite Resource Solutions is a leading international provider of business-to-business services whose professionals offer perspectives on issues related to staffing, professional services, and IT infrastructure and who deploy business solutions that solve a broad range of challenges in new and dynamic ways for their clients. Infinite recently published a white paper titled, “Infinite Resource Solutions: Safe and Sound.” Part I in the series investigates cyber security.

With the intense media coverage of large network intrusions by hackers, it is inconceivable that anyone is unaware of the effects that breaches of cyber security have on the financial health of victim organizations, the overall economy and the propriety of personal information of millions of people. Security breaches are on the rise and as the number of information security incidents continues to mount, so do the financial losses of small to large organizations whose very existence relies on the free flow of and convenient access to important data. While large organizations tend to rack-up the largest portion of the financial costs of cyber-breaches, small and medium business are also experiencing the devastating impact caused by a malicious attack.

The Ponemon Institute recently found that almost 17,000 malware alerts surface every week and DDoS attacks, which are among the most widely used methods to take down websites, increased 240 percent in 2014. The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2015 (GSISS) revealed a 48% increase in the number of detected incidents in 2014, a total of 42.8 million. The total financial costs associated with cybersecurity breaches soared to 34% over 2013. It is predicted that the future will see increased attacks as hackers intensify their focus on mobile devises and poorly protected networks. As organizations increasingly adopt a BYOD approach, they are making their systems more vulnerable to attack by criminals who are getting better and more efficient at applying their illicit craft.

But as the frequency and costs of security incidents continue to rise, the GSISS survey concluded that many organizations have yet to put into place key information security processes, technologies and employee training that sufficient to protect their organization from a costly intrusion. Most companies “are only investing in security to check the box,” remarked Ray Suarez, director of product management at Core Security. “About 10 percent of the companies I talk to are serious about security and approaching it appropriately,” he recently told TechNewsWorld.

Because of these threats organizations need to make security and integrity a primary goal of their operations. Data integrity and security impact performance and perceived company value. It’s imperative that company leaders awaken to the increased threat and invest in the necessary processes and technologies to prevent, protect, detect, and respond to elevated threats to their systems. Whether it is fortifying in-house IT security or contracting with an outside IT security service partner who is experienced and capable of developing and implementing an effective cyber security strategy, organizations must intensify their cybersecurity actions to secure their valuable information assets.

In our next post, Infinite concludes its series by addressing the impact of next generation firewalls for IT organizations.  Click here to download the complete whitepaper. For more information on how Infinite’s team of professionals can help advance your company’s network security efforts, contact Clint Nelms at 678.379.2804.

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