Part 2: Raising the Level of the Cybersecurity Game Plan


Infinite Resource Solutions is a leading international provider of business-to-business services whose team of professionals offer their clients solutions to the challenges of staffing professional services and IT infrastructure. They deploy business solutions that solve a broad range of challenges in new and dynamic ways for their clients. Infinite recently published a white paper titled, “Infinite Resource Solutions: Safe and Sound.” Part I discussed the realities of cyber security attacks, and in Part 2 Infinite explores enhanced security solutions designed to interdict attacks on besieged servers.

Virtually every organization today is interconnected to the rest of the world through email and the internet. Businesses are so completely dependent upon the internet that it is hard to imagine life without connectivity. News of the latest security breaches cover the pages and airwaves each day, disrupting the well-ordered operation many industries and millions of individual lives.

The very attributes that make the internet attractive and available to all to use are the same reasons hackers are able to ply their disruptive craft so effectively. Hacking no longer requires super intelligence or highly specialized computer talents to gain access to today’s computer networks. Most malicious hackers today do not possess a high level of software development skills, but instead make use of intrusion tools commonly available on the Internet.

According to research from CompTIA, business leaders are aware of the growing organization of hackers, their increased proliferation and the implications for greater and more disruptive attacks to company systems. IT security professionals are utilizing new technologies in conjunction with traditional tactics to stem the threats. Data loss prevention (DLP) is one of the most common new tools, along with Identity and access management (IAM) and security information and event management (SIEM).

One tool in the security professional’s tool box has become a staple in fighting off unwanted hackers. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are an enhanced, integrated platform that combine traditional firewall functions with newer more aggressive technologies.  The goal of NGFW is to include more layers of security to protect networks against intrusion by today’s increasingly sophisticated hackers.

Clint Nelms, Vice President of Professional Services at Infinite Resource Solutions (Infinite) says, “Even the most modest of organizations can afford to provide the necessary security by connecting with professionals who are experienced in encryption, intrusion detection and Next Generation Firewalls.”

With the growing sophistication of hackers; combined with our increased reliance on interconnected applications, devices and systems, it’s imperative that organizations initiate a proactive approach to network security which seeks the latest in processes and technologies to prevent, protect, detect, and respond to elevated threats to their valuable data systems.

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