Getting the Most from Your Wide Area Network


In any competitive environment productivity and performance are hallmark elements of an organization that often determines success or failure. The workplace of today is far different from the workplace of even the most recent past. Technology solutions and systems have vastly improved to meet the demands of a more connected and faster paced business environment. As CTOs assess its WAN solutions requirements to aptly manage and maintain current demand.  Applications like unified communications and video conferencing, branch-office expansion, data center consolidation and increased Internet traffic mean more interest and focus on getting the most out of networks capabilities.

Infinite’s recent white paper entitled, “How Is Your Organization Delivering on WAN Solutions?” speaks to the importance of WAN optimization and why it has become a priority for today’s CIOs. “Business goals dictate the need for streamlined performance of WAN networks,” comments Clint Nelms, VP of Professional Services, Infinite Resources Solutions (Infinite). “WAN optimization is a critical element in maintaining network infrastructures.”

While some IT departments respond to the challenge by increasing bandwidth spend, that can prove to be very expensive and cause additional performance issues. “A lot of organizations have run up against the reality that you can only increase bandwidth so much before the cost becomes prohibitive,” says Henry Svendblad, a principal research analyst at Nemertes, a technology consultancy. The right WAN optimization solution can make a big difference in improving performance, and can greatly improve productivity.

As companies grow and demands for IT professional services escalate, managing the operational aspects of the business is critical to the continued success and survival of the organization. When it comes to WAN optimization, every organization must take different approaches in order to meet their specific needs. Partnering with a professional services organization can help identify the best solutions to produce positive results as organizations scale and position themselves to better meet the challenges of the future.

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