Executing an Effective Staffing Strategy

The staffing and recruiting industry has been growing at an unprecedented rate due to a recovering economy that favors the broadening service offerings of the staffing and recruiting industry. According to the American Staffing Associations (ASA) Staffing Employment and Sales Survey, “U.S. staffing companies employed an average of 3.13 million temporary and contract workers per week in the first quarter of 2015, up 5.5% from the same period in 2014.” Overall, staffing and recruiting firms provide employment opportunities for more than 14 million employees each year in virtually all sectors of occupations, across all industries.

In order to remain competitive in an ever more complex business environment, employers are turning to staffing firms to grow their talent base. Today companies are facing unprecedented competitive challenges that demands renewed focus on the cost of maintaining many traditional, internal organizational functions:

Budget Constraints – Recruiting, hiring and maintaining full time employees is becoming an increasingly expensive process. For many organizations, supporting in-house human resource functions has become a considerable financial liability. For companies seeking resources, in many cases, candidates can be contracted through a staffing firm at a lower rate than onboarding W2 employees.

Rapidly Expanding Resource Requirements – Volatility in many industries is creating abbreviated ramp-up times. The need to fill open positions quickly has many organizations seeking the services of a staffing agency when the internal human resource functions are unable to respond to the increased number of open positions.

Demand for Rare Skillsets – As technologies rapidly change, companies must secure highly specialized resources. As with the IT sector, as data security breaches require more sophisticated systems, the need for experts is at an all-time high.

Productivity and Speed Staffing firms have access to a larger pool of top quality candidates which decrease the amount of time spent searching for a specific job requirement. Companies can maintain focus on productivity as opposed to searching for talent.

To mitigate these challenges, finding the right partner to outsource staffing responsibilities focused and experience in finding and recruiting top talent becomes critical to maintain a return on investment. “Whether a client is faced with a decrease budget or in need of highly specialized talent to resolve a data breach, staffing agencies is a solution,” says Daveenia Beller, Founder and Managing Partner at Infinite Resource Solutions (Infinite). “Companies must be able to expand its workforce quickly and efficiently. There is a point for most companies, especially mid-size companies, when engaging a staffing agency saves the company from sorting through hundreds of resumes they would get from posting on a site like Career Builder or LinkedIn.”

The traditional full-time or permanent career hiring model of the past decade is being replaced with a new, more efficient employment environment for businesses and more flexible workplace options for employees. Direct hire, where the company recruits and hires a candidate and adds them to their permanent head count is no longer the main element in many organizations hiring strategy. Some companies opt for a contract for hire relationships with candidates. After reviewing the candidates on the job performance for a limited period of time, usually three to six months, the company can exercise an option to convert the temporary contractual relationship to a permanent hire.

An experienced staffing professional, like Infinite, can offer a broader perspective to the most efficient and effective employer/employee relationship, helping to determine the best employment relationship to yield higher dividends over the span of an employee’s tenure with a company. “Infinite is able to provide the right strategy for staffing to align with business goals as well as to meet the demand for top talent,” comments Beller. “We are able to provide staffing solutions for our clients whether it’s a direct hire, contract to hire, or contract position.”

Infinite’s expertise is derived from building a company with individuals that offer more than a decade of experience delivering best-in-class, professional services and IT staffing solutions to small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.   “Our ability to find the highest quality talent in the marketplace to drive your business has been proven. We are diligent in delivering, not just a candidate, but a solution for your business, states Beller.

For more information on how Infinite can create an effective staffing strategy for your company, contact Clint Nelms at (678) 379-2804.