Designing and Implementing Creative Solutions for Complex IT Challenges

With a daily emergence of new threats, it is vital that companies take steps to insure effective information security processes and policies are in place. Network security appliances and their respective security service subscriptions can help to secure enterprise assets from breach. While deploying and supporting these appliances is a critical first step, ongoing review and management of them, specifically their service subscriptions requires diligence on behalf of the enterprises’ information technology teams.

Security applications that monitor the network for malicious activities can produce reports to make it easier for IT management to detect and respond to threats in their environment. These are not a “one-size fits all” solution. Many organizations find it imperative to alter, or “change-out”, an existing application or device to an updated version to keep enterprise assets protected from the latest threats. Making these changes or upgrades, while maintaining system security, can prove to be challenging and is often best left to specialists like Infinite Resource Solutions (Infinite). Infinite’s expertise stems from their direct work with original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) that are leading the way to a more secure enterprise. Infinite offers best-in-class, professional services and IT staffing solutions to small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on next generation security services.

“An experienced professional services organization can often bring a much needed outside perspective to the client’s network, employing best practices and creative solutions to complex challenges in order to enhance their enterprise security”, says Clint Nelms, VP Professional Services for Infinite Resource Solutions. “Infinite has a proven track record of providing the best solutions at the right time to make the most impact for our clients.”

A member-owned cooperative, an Infinite client, needed to migrate its existing firewalls to newer, next generation firewalls to boost perimeter security. The client was concerned about the expiration of the security services subscriptions with their legacy incumbent vendor, in this case specifically Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features. The infinite team was able to think outside the box and design a solution as well as migration path that addressed the expiring legacy subscriptions while still moving forward with the firewall migration. This addressed the operational and security concerns raised by the organization surrounding their exposure to attack during the deployment, while still replacing the older equipment with newer cutting edge technology. Once the new platform was deployed to the environment, the new firewall provided IPS/IDS protection until the final firewall design implemented in production. The Infinite team met with decision makers and the client’s security staff and listened to their concerns. From there they proposed, configured, and implemented this creative solution in the first two days of the engagement.

As a result of the successful implementation, the client avoided downtime and the risk of degrading their security perimeter. The client was also able to save the cost of renewing its subscriptions and licenses for the legacy appliances. With Infinite’s expertise, the creative effort allowed the team to architect and implement a Layer 3 design in a measured fashion and replace and implement the client’s legacy equipment with no loss of business continuity and with minimal risk to the system.

If you are looking for a solution to solve complex IT challenges in your business, contact Clint Nelms for more information at (678) 379-2804.