The Infinite Competitive Advantage

In a competitive and often volatile technical job market environment, it is essential for a company to focus efforts on performing at the highest level of customer service. Attracting and hiring candidates that can deliver the hard technical skill sets and successfully merging them into an existing company culture requires specific human resource talents that many organizations find difficult and expensive to maintain. With the market for qualified candidates shrinking; attracting, evaluating and delivering important new human assets can be costly and time consuming. In a this tight, talent market the biggest added value decision for companies unfamiliar with the process of recruiting the candidate that can differentiate their firm from the rest of the competitive field is hiring the right staffing firm to find the most qualified person who wants to work for them.

“A hiring manager’s time is better spent driving process than pouring over hundreds of potentially unqualified resumes,” says Chris McKeon, Account Manager at Infinite Resource Solutions (Infinite), a premier provider of staffing solutions dedicated to responding to the changing demands of increasingly competitive talent marketplace. “Our two tier interview system acts as a filter to make sure only qualified applicants ever hit the manager’s desk.”

Learning the clients business is the primary concern at Infinite, where their process for learning the clients business focuses on a company’s culture. Individual organization employment environments are key factors to understanding the various recruiting tactics that work best for each customer. “Team and company culture facts rarely show up on a job description, that’s why it is our responsibility to learn the environment thoroughly to find the best fitting applicant. Someone may look good on paper but not have the soft kills to succeed in a particular atmosphere. Our goal is to set every qualified candidate up for success,” says McKeon.

Working with an experienced and highly respected staffing firm can pay big dividends for firms seeking additions to their human capital. Internal human resource recruiting teams find significant advantages to consulting with a staffing specialist like Infinite, where their business model produces quick results while controlling recruiting costs. At Infinite, experience has produced a process of identifying and utilizing the right mix of social media outlets, job boards, email campaigns and personal contact phone calls to identify potential candidates, and they’re no retainer policy means that they get paid only when a qualified candidate is placed with a satisfied client. Infinites highly trained recruiters and two tiered interview process, once by the recruiter and once by the account manager, assures a continued focus on delivering talent that is compatible with the company culture and other intangible requirements.

“Our expertise is derived from building a company with individuals that offer more than a decade of experience delivering best-in-class, professional services and IT staffing solutions to small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies,” concludes McKeon. “We add value that directly impacts your competitive advantage.”

For more information on how Infinite can partner with you to achieve the right solutions for your business, contact Chris McKeon at (678) 823-6317.