Expand Offerings, Keep Control

A national systems integrator was working with a large Southeast banking company to implement a storage area network (SAN). The project included a complex backup/recovery solution with multiple products implementations, occurring simultaneously.

Driving Additional Revenue

A brand-name worldwide service provider needed a partner to assist with design and implementation of a high-end wireless infrastructure solution. The service provider’s core business is providing and maintaining data networks. In order to drive revenue opportunities, the service provider needed quality service delivery.

Special Orders Don’t Upset Us

A national systems integration company was awarded a large deployment opportunity, but needed a single contracting organization to help fulfill the contract. The customer was a nationally recognized restaurant chain with a large wide area network (WAN) infrastructure rollout: more than 250 sites to be deployed along the East Coast in in 90 days.

Driving Higher Margins

One of the country’s premier hardware/software distributors needed to be able to package and sell complex technology implementation services that were consistent, repeatable and cost-effective. In-house personnel could handle most implementations without any problem, but more complex technologies required outside resources with specific capabilities. Their customer, one of the largest technology product distributors, had previously had to hire IT consultants for these implementations, which proved time-consuming and inefficient, without providing the scalability they needed.

World Class Services

The worldwide market leader in wide-area data services had been engaged during the year’s fourth quarter by a premiere manufacturer of WAN optimization hardware and services. The objective was the successful rollout of the firm’s industry-leading solution to a high-profile client, an international professional services firm. The project spanned offices in 26 countries across: North, Central and South America, eastern and western Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Closing the Deal

For more than two years, a worldwide service provider was trying to secure a wide area network (WAN) optimization solution proposed to a customer. Their traditional sales approach simply was not working with this customer, an international business services company, because key stakeholders wanted to understand the cost benefit/ROI based on their particular business units — and not just the technical advantages of the solution.

Seamless Integrations

When a private northeastern university’s firewall was approaching its end of life, IT leadership decided to upgrade and replace their existing Cisco infrastructure to that of a Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Next-Generation Firewall. The partner, a nationally- recognized Systems Integrator was awarded the contract, knowing that would require quality service offerings to deliver an end-to-end PAN solution.

Providing Security Solutions

A northwest based, regional systems integrator had an opportunity to penetrate a sizable business opportunity that would open up additional opportunities for the sales teams. With limited resources with the necessary skill set for a project of this scope and magnitude, the systems integrator was seeking an execution partner.

Landing Long Term Sales Targets

A major Southeast U.S. integrator targeted a prospect as having high, long-term value to the company. After many efforts to prove the value proposition to a major business products wholesaler, the integrator was given an opportunity to bid on a wide area network (WAN) optimization assessment. However, the integrator was not able to provide engineering bandwidth to complete the project within the time allowed.